fully-functional 20.7MB   2014-08-13

TestWise Professional Edition 4.0.2

Best value automated functional testing tool gets even better: supporting Watir 5, Selenium 2 (WebDriver), RSpec, Cucumber and many enhancements.
Start developing maintainable functional test scripts today!

Previous version: (RSpec 2): 3.15

Release Notes | Documentation

Check out Zhimin Zhan's eBook: Practical Web Test Automation

17.8MB   2014-03-25

TestWise Community Edition 3.14.1

Has all the necessary functions to create, maintain and run automated tests in Watir and Selenium-WebDriver. Free for personal use, academic use, charity and open-source projects. Commercial use is limited to one license in a team.

Previous version: v2.5.2 (for Watir 2)

33KB   2014-01-31

TestWise Watir Recorder 1.5.0

TestWise Recorder is a Firefox extension, which records your operations into executable RWebSpec and Watir test scripts while you navigates through your web application in Firefox.

20.9MB   2014-08-13

RubyShell v6.0

One click Watir and Selenium-WebDriver windows installer, just single installation to enable you running automated acceptance tests from command line, easy integration with your continuous build server.
RubyShell is also a one-click Ruby on Rails installer for Windows.

(Previous major versions: v5.1.1)

Release Notes