Wise Support - help you achieving test automation and CI success

Technical Support

We do NOT understand why some companies charging customers thousands of dollars on product updates and technical support. We appreciate user feedback to improve our software products (TestWise, BuildWise, LoadWise and StoryWise) and we release updates (free for purchased the same major version) frequently.

Most of questions we received are more how-tos on test automation or CI, rather than our products. Our wise support service is the response to that.

Commercial Support: Wise Support

Wise testers deserve better support: Wise Support. To put it simply, owning the best of golf club set does not mean you are a good golf player, to be great, finding an experienced golf coach is the shortcut. Wise support enables your access to the best of test automation coaches who have done that, and with our simple yet effective mentoring method, you can achieve too.

Customers who purchased our products can register an account at our support site: support.agileway.net, where registered users can raise issues, support and feature requests.

Dedicated Mentoring Service

Customers can choose to purchase suitable support package with dedicated mentoring hours per month. You are getting the world's leading test automation experts to work with you to solve your problems at hand, at very affordable price.

Package Duration Description Mentoring Hours (per month)   Price (US$) *
Short-term Support   3 Months Suitable for projects need professional help to get started on test automation Standard: 5 hours
Premium: 10 hours
Yearly Support One Year
10% discount for 2 years
20% discount for 3 years  
Peace of mind tech support. Standard: 5 hours
Premium: 10 hours

*. Australian customers, the currency will be A$ plus 10% GST. Please contact us.

Customers with this service will receive the priority support.

Complimentary Support

We are not forgetting customers who do not wish to purchase dedicated support package. We offer free complimentary support (subject to availability) for questions on testing our two sample web applications: Agile Travel and AdminWise. That is, if you replicate a test script against one of our site and send to us, we will help to find solutions.

Free Community Support

For users of free TestWise community edition or other our free products, please use the Support Forum: a general discussion forum on TestWise, Watir, Selenium, automated testing and continuous integration. Also this the blog might be useful.


Besides support, we also offer the following services:

  • Custom creating your TestWise project
  • Watir/Selenium/RWebSpec Training
  • Automated test scripts review
  • Set up continuous integration server with automated acceptance testing

For a customized option that is right for you, please email sales@agileway.com.au. (No recorder related questions please, why?)